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What We Offer

Inventory Management

We have been organizing and managing inventories since 1984.
Our specialists help in:
  • Organizing Your Stock
  • Providing Bins and Labels
  • Creating Custom Assortments
  • Monitoring Your Inventory Levels
  • Using Bar Code Order Entry
  • Immediately Deliver Rush Orders

We also offer a number of interactive & downloadable catalogs to help you find the products you need.

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What We Offer

Innovative Bar Code Scanning System

Unlimited Supplies has successfully streamlined the industrial supply industry. We are the first source to allow shops and mechanics to control their own inventory. No more overstock, no more hassle. Unlimited Supplies gives the buyer an immediate solution to controlling inventory levels through achieving maximum efficiency.

Scanning System Process:

  1. A Unlimited Supplies sales representative arrives and puts a sticker bar-code with part number on each item being purchased.
  2. Your mechanic/client goes through their inventory at ANY TIME during their week and selects appropriate quantity to be ordered.
  3. Your mechanic/client plugs the scanner into a computer via USB which automatically downloads the order into a word document.
  4. On the word document, all you need to do is put your PO#, when you need the products, and the shipment type (Unlimited Supplies Delivery, UPS, FED EX, QUICKSILVER, etc).
  5. The order is then either printed and faxed to (763) 746-5150 or E-mailed to


Rush Order? NO PROBLEM! Unlimited Supplies downloads orders every half hour and processes orders via fax when received.

30 years of experience to help you find what you need.