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Address: 13021 16th Ave N. Plymouth, MN 55441
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Unlimited Supplies

Our Goals

Where others may offer you apologies when they can’t locate hard -to-find
parts or supplies, we’ve always accepted such requests as worthy challenges.
It’s also one of the reasons we feel so comfortable with our name.

  • To fully service each individual customer at competitive prices
  • To utilize our skills and techniques to better serve
  • To promote an inclusive and respectful workplace
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Unlimited Supplies

Who We Are

Unlimited Supplies has been in business for over 30 years. Since founded we have become known as the premier full service industrial supply company.

We have achieved substantial growth through our acquisitions of industrial companies such as ST Robb, Fastener Place, West Weld, Breze Industries, Wendland Distributing and American Fasteners. In industrial supply industry, knowledge and experience combined with the most efficient products is everything. Noticing market trends, we have also decided to offer brands such as West Cut Abrasives, West Weld Alloys, Breze Alloys, Breze Cut Abrasives/Cutting Tools and Safety Wheel loose nut indicators.

Our growth strengthens our quality and creates new opportunities to further expand our services in the industrial supply market.

Unlimited Supplies truly is a FULL SERVICE Industrial Supplier.

  • We offer you a complete line of quality fasteners and industrial supplies with over 80,000 items in stock.
  • Every bolt we sell is traceable and certified to ensure quality.
  • Locally, no other supplier has more parts, supplies and tools in stock than Unlimited Supplies.
  • When you place and order we promise to react with immediate and single minded attention to your needs.
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Unlimited Supplies

Our Subsidiaries

Unlimited Supplies has acquired several companies to better serve you (the customer). Through the years we have acquired Fastener Place, West Weld, West Weld Alloys, West Cut Abrasives, ST Robb Co., Breeze Industries, Wendland Distributing Inc., and American Fastener.

We are proud to offer our skills and expertise built on thirty years experience.

30 years of experience to help you find what you need.